Marketing Automation Platform VEGAMAIL


For a business big or small email marketing is a powerful technology to boost your sales. It is a technique through which you can get connected to the visitors of your website, build a relationship with them, and through a good strategy turn them into your loyal customers. For any business, it is crucial to have the latest features in their email marketing software to run its marketing strategies successfully. Different email marketing services have unique features in it for serving the businesses with the best services as per their requirements.

Why VegaMail ?

VegaMail is the best practice to spread your messages across the network of your customers. No matter if you are a blogger and want to give the latest updates of your blogs to your readers or a business owner that is searching for some good leads; email marketing has got your back! It helps to reach your potential customers by delivering messages straight to their inbox. In this technique, you can stay in contact with your website visitors even when they leave your website.

Customer website visits70% of website visitors will never return and miss business updates. Email marketing lets you stay in touch with visitors by giving them good material and generating interest in your website. Loyalty-building Repeat visits are more likely to become clients than first-timers. Sometimes 3 to 4 visits are enough to convince visitors to do business with you. Email marketing builds brand loyalty by sending helpful emails. Sales growth By informing visitors about the products and services they seek, you can easily increase your sales.

VegaMail Features

Contact Management



Campaign Builder

For a successful ad campaign, you need to design an attractive campaign that can tantalize the reader to click the embedded links. VegaMail has powerful tools to design attractive and responsive campaigns with capability to add fields from all existing entities to personalization propose. Also you can add any list of entities with defined condition. For example you can add product list to campaign and personalize it to each targeted contact to show related list of products.There is more than 100 pre designed HTML templates to facilitated campaign design.


Campaign Planner

After you have designed campaigns to scheduling and targeting campaigns. VegaMail has smart drag and drop planner for sending to contact based on your defined conditions and scheduled time.


A/B Test

When it comes to email, A/B testing is the process of sending one version of your campaign to a portion of your subscribers and another version to a different subset of subscribers in order to determine which version of the campaign performs best. Simple A/B tests can involve sending out different subject lines to see which one gets more opens, while more complex A/B tests might involve comparing completely different email templates to see which one gets more click-through. A/B tests can range in complexity. A/B testing implemented in VegaMail easy to use since you can use the campaign builder to generate two different variations of your email and it will automatically send them to two different subsets of your list to determine which campaign was more effective. It will automatically send the winning version to the rest of your list after the test is finished and the winning version has been identified.

Email Tracking

After sent campaigns to target contacts you will know who, where and when has been read the campaign and hit which links. Based on prospects reaction you can plan to send follow up campaigns.Also location identifying feature assists you in carrying out sending appropriate offer campaigns.


Email Verification

What is Email Verification ? Email verification is the process of validating and authenticating emails that have been gathered by you to guarantee that they are genuine and likely to connect you to a real person (or, at the least, a real email account of an organization).You may validate incoming emails before (or immediately after) they enter your CRM. If you already have an email list that has never been verified, however, it is advisable to run it through. Vegamail has a background service to verify hard bounce and soft bounce emails and prevent sending campaigns to non-existing people.

Landing Page Management

A landing page’s goal is to convert visitors and establish a database of leads that can be nurtured with more specialized marketing campaigns employing email, direct mail, paid ads, and other forms of targeted marketing before those leads reach your sales staff. In Vegamail, you can create a responsive landing page fully integrated with your CRM and doing customer journey to keep loyal customers.

Retargeting Abandonment Shopping Carts

When your website or landing pages visitor subscribe to any campaigns his IP and device Id will captured to the database and cookie then customer journey will start. When this prospect check your online shopping, may add some products to basket and leave without finishing his purchase. Then you plan some offer and promotion campaigns regarding to this products to encourage him to finish the Abandoned purchase.

Double Opt-In

A double opt-in happens when a person subscribes to an email marketing list and receives an email with a confirmation link that needs to be clicked. The person won’t be added to the email marketing list until the confirmation click has been made. Confirmed opt-in is another name for double opt-in. Spam addresses will be less likely to be on the deployment list if a double opt-in confirmation technique is used; this helps you avoid spam traps and safeguards your sender reputation because any bots that sign up for your newsletter won’t make it onto your list.

Additionally, because this requires the user to take an extra step, it demonstrates a higher level of interest in the company or issue, which boosts engagement and, eventually, produces better results for your email marketing campaign. Although some marketers would cringe at the idea of losing some subscribers, anyone hesitant to make the straightforward decision to click a link to confirm their subscription isn’t that interested in the brand. Since people won’t be as engaged in your material, your metrics may suffer, and you may even get spam complaints.In the end, a smaller, less active list will be far more helpful to your company than one with fewer spam complaints and higher engagement. benefits of double opt-in

Multi Language Support

VegaMail support to create multi language Campaigns, Landing pages and admin panel.When send email to targeted contacts if planner find corresponding campaign with contact language it will send the campaign in his selected language.