Vega CRM Features

Lead and Contact management

Contacts may be easily accessed, stored, and organised with this function. You may link the firm to similar businesses, individuals, opportunities, and other data, or you can organise people by the sort of relationship they have with one another. However, Vega CRM leverages AI technology in advance to evaluate unstructured data and transform it into standardised, actionable features, such as:

Firmographic, demographic, and behavioural data are only a few of the qualities of a lead that may be used in automated lead qualifying and other procedures (from your website or product trial). You must first know clearly which lead kinds are most important to you. Perhaps youve already established an ideal client profile (ICP). However, even if you dont, you still need to have agreed-upon characteristics that your sales and marketing teams consider to be essential indicators of a high-quality prospect.

The Vegarise team created a brand-new lead routing and scoring system that operated across their stack. The MQL/SQL model in Vega CRM is now effective and incorporates pertinent data regarding recommendations from behavioural signals.


Opportunity management

Vega CRM does monitor every sales opportunity progress for your opportunity tracking.

There are ways to sell things rapidly that just require a short sales cycle. You may design or create a bespoke standard procedure for sales.

Customer communications management

The result of communication with clients through numerous channels is any successful sale. In order to handle customer communication, Vega CRM gathered emails, website comments, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line), and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line) on one platform. For instance, if you add all your email accounts to Vega CRM and get an email from a current contact, the CRM will produce a conversation record for that contact. Additionally, under this contact file management area, all connected files will be visible. You may do the same by adding your social media accounts and email addresses so that all comments and postings will be accessible for statistical analysis with a choice of charts and replying.


Territory management

You can have different settings and segregate data access for your branches thanks to territory management. Each newly established territory has the ability to have child territories, which allows the parent to see the child’s data as well.


Landing page management

Find some great templates from our software to create successful landing pages that will generate leads for your CRM. Through APIs, Vega CRM can interface with your website and manage your website’s content for you. Your website functions as a CMS when it links to CRM software, allowing you to make, amend, and remove content as well as add comments and approve them as an admin. Additionally, you may develop dynamic pages, menus, and sliders using CRM, publish them on your website, and write content in several languages. It provides you with a broad overview of your website, and you can get individual data on the people who visit, post to, or comment on each of its pages.


Cases management

Utilize the case management function of Vega CRM to improve customer assistance by saving customer information and recordings in each case. This module responds to consumer requests such as issues with purchased goods or their inquiries about your offerings. It includes details for developing and publishing solutions (Will recommend solutions based on previously resolved comparable situations) for resolving issues raised by customers in a variety of methods (e.g., email, phone calls, and website). All service-related activity will be logged as a timeline up until the case is closed, and each opened support ticket can be assigned to the appropriate team or user as a task.


User activity tracker

Finding answers to client questions could be difficult, but not before you have the Vega CRM software, which can capture and preserve all user interactions and activities to enhance customer services.

Task and appointment management

With Vega CRM’s task and appointment management system, you can create tasks, schedule appointments with staff, and keep track of all the work at your fingertips.



Utilize the reports produced by the Vega CRM to better understand your consumers, their preferences, and their brand loyalty to increase sales.

File management

With the help of this capability, you can create a file directory and store pertinent files to each existing entity in CRM so that documents can be readily shared with other users and kept in an integrated fashion. For instance, a product entity could have a number of images, brochures, research findings, or official papers.


Team management

With this strategy, a specific deal group is given power for each stage of the economic cycle. In this business group model, you will have the possibility to efficiently track measures and spot bottlenecks. The team might be made up of account heads to handle deals qualified leads, an outbound deals group to handle cold outreach, an inbound deals group to prospect and qualify showcasing produced drives, and client achievement teams to work with current customers.


Multi language support

Support for more than 10 languages, with the option to add more on demand; completely customisable user interface.



All of Vega CRM’s features are available through Restful APIs, allowing for easy integration with other business applications. Additionally, a plug-in is available to include WordPress-designed websites.

Customer journey

The process of explaining the specifics of consumers’ interactions with businesses is called the customer journey. With the aid of this tool, you can learn more about how clients engage with your business. The customer journey doesn’t start when someone enters a store or a website. When people believe they have a need, it begins. A variety creates a situation that only your business can regulate. With the help of an SEO provider, you’ve already made some progress. Now, by selecting the right customer path, you may convert that consumer into a devoted one. The Vegarise team identifies and corrects weak places in your customer journey map. The finest outcomes are what you’ll achieve by using our customer journey solutions.

VEGA CRM benefits